This is a work-in-progress. The idea is to have a publicly-accessible listing of places people can gather to meet (the .com version of allospace is for places that charge a fee for the meeting, .org listings are reserved for free meetup locations). “Allo” comes from the word for “other” – these are other spaces where people can meet up (other than a private home or their own workplace) for various reasons – such as for someone who works from home to meet up in person with a client or their project group, or a parenting group to get together to let their kids play while they talk. Eventually there will be a submission form to collect (and then make searchable, and hopefully map-overlay-able) pertinent information about each location – how much does the location charge, hours, age restrictions, size available, outside food & drink permitted – that kind of stuff. Hopefully anything you might want to know about a location will be available here other than possibly their exact day/time availability (though if the managers of the location keep an online calendar, we’ll try to get it linked in). All this is being provided as a public service – those running allospace.com and allospace.org are not charging a fee. Some locations or other entities may chose to give us some funding to sponsor this endeavor, any such sponsorship will be clearly indicated. (At least, that’s the plan as of August 2014, any changes to the policy will be noted here).